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[NOTE: I might add bits of elaboration to this over the next day or three, because I am writing this at the last minute before sign-ups close.]

Hello, dear Yuletide Author! Thank you for being willing to write a thing!

Fandom: Shadow Unit
Characters: Any

I love Shadow Unit a lot, and part of what I love about it is how the different members of the team see each other. They are very interesting, very different people, and they work together under extreme and demanding circumstances, and I am fascinated about the teamwork and what each of them has to do to make their team work -- and, sometimes, to survive their team as well as helping their team survive. I want to see how they deal with feelings of belonging/not-belonging. You can go anywhere you need to go with this, as long as you've got two (or more) viewpoints that have different takes on the same things.

Bonus points for doughnuts and team dynamics, and strategies and tactics relating thereunto.

Also, Frost fascinates me, so if she appears somewhere in whatever you write, I will bliss. Doesn't have to be her POV, but anything that gives a hint of how she handles things and how others react to and deal with her will make me very happy.

Fandom: Arcadia, Stoppard

I'm hoping for a fic from the POV of the staff of the Croom household. Comedy, drama, whatever -- I will take anything, as long as it's backstairs commentary.

Fandom: Birdhouse In Your Soul - (song) They Might Be Giants

This is a song that's one of Juan's and my "our songs." This request is a long shot, but... can you write me a polyamory-positive fic from this song?


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