Feb. 22nd, 2016

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John Brantner's house was at 2550 Dupont. When he lived there, it was painted red with white trim. I was one of a number of people who used to go every other Sunday to sing with him. He was a fascinating and brilliant person, and a man of great heart.

One of the singers, Minnesota composer Sherry Wohlers Ladig, composed a round in honor of John and his regular a capella singing parties. She called it "Dupont," after the custom of giving such songs place-names for the tunes. If I recall correctly, the words were:

Let us sing a round together; in all seasons willing are we
Every other Sunday to meet with friends and raise our voices in harmony
Who's the master of the measure? In this house who keeps the key?
John Brantner, John Brantner, John Brantner, John B.

The thing is, John refused to sing his own name over and over in the last line of the round. I think he said it was too egotistical. So he rewrote that last line, and he would sing "All sing soundly, all sing roundly; soundly, roundly is the key."

For this, we called him the Obstinato. He would reply with that wonderful great honking laugh of his.

I miss him so much. His like shall not be seen again.


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