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Fluorescent shinies coming:

"Calling the Witnesses"
"The Daughters of Ghostflower House"
"It's Never What You Expect"
"So the Fish Told Her the Way"
"Utility Pendant: Fluorescence"

"All My Magic Aunts"
"And Sweeter Still the Spring"
"Beauty and the Veil"
"Beware When the Good Folk Smile"
"Box of Kindness"
"Devotions of a Scholar"
"Faithful Wings"
"Got a Good Thing Going"
"The Hall of Ghost Knights"
"Haunted in a Good Way"
"Jonquil Hopes"
"Little Songs for an Icebird"
"Occam's Spoon"
"Science in the Morning"
"Seed Catalog"
"A Smile In Her Pocket"
"Then Farewell Dull Cares"
"What To Keep Summer Memories In"

Non-fluorescent shinies coming:

"Magic Beans"

"A Midsummer Night's Crossover"
"Still It Flows, and Ever Will"
"The Three Tribes of Fae in the Museum of Natural History"
"When She Came Down the Mountain"

"Dancing on Vanished Floors"
"Heart Science"
"Her Voice Like Lilies"
"Pick Your Histories"
"Rhyme Fire"
"The Warm Past"
"Where We Keep the Ashes"
"Wreathed in Words of Power"

I've taken photos of these, so with any luck, they'll go up late tonight in their own post. Watch this journal! (And I'm going to try doing it both here and on LJ.)
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Oh, hey! I'm sorry I forgot to mention it already, but there are many shinies for sale. I keep marking them down, too. You know how I get.
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So I've decided to just post, already. ;-) Hello again, Dreamwidth folks.

Today the workbench is covered with dinosaur bones. Well, not entirely covered -- I don't have that many. But there are seventeen pairs of dinosaur bone earrings waiting to get their earwires put on, and two pairs of amber earrings (some of the dino bone earrings have amber on them as well), and a pair of amber and stegodon bone earrings, and a pair of amber and stegodon and dino bone earrings, and a rather large pair that has amber and dinosaur bone and large round beads machined out of meteorite NWA869. Because I could. And because dinosaur bone beads are a great comfort, for some reason.

These particular shinies are made with the specific intent of paying for a trip I hope to take this summer. Dinosaurs might take me traveling. (Now I have a mental image of harnessing up the dinos to the wagon and heading for the rising sun.)


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